about Stairway Studio

Having been experience in the industry for more than 10 years, we aim to benchmarking the quality and giving due importance to life safety, durability, aesthetic and commercial competitiveness. Therefore we offer professional services in fields of security, life safety solutions and the essential support services, to ensure well functioning doorway systems. This is accomplished by combining the strengths, of industry leading door and hardware brands.

1. Outsourcing of Services
1.1. Specification Review of Doors and Hardware.
1.2. Estimating for Projects.
1.3. Preparation of door and hardware schedule.
1.4. Preparation of Drawings.
1.5. Preparation of Order writing to respective Factories.
1.6. Preparation of samples if required.
1.7. Visiting sites for trouble shooting.
1.8. Representing your interest with clients, architects, project managers, contractors etc.

Our Skills

  • 95%
    Superior quality
  • 90%
    Strong service commitment
  • 85%
    Innovative quality products
  • 80%
    ECO friendly Process
  • 80%
    Lab Testing and R & D

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